Scipio’s Covered Bridge


Located at the edge of Scipio is a bright red covered bridge. It is 156ft long, including the 4ft overhang on each end. It was built in 1886 by the Smith Bridge Company and cost about $600. The original intent for the bridge was to be used for a railroad, but it never happened. The Scipio Covered Bridge was listed as #14-40-01 in the 1989 World Guide.

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Hayden’s Historic Sinclair Gas Station

sinclair station 02
Hayden, Indiana has quite a bit of history, including the Sinclair Gas Station. Today it was closed, but you can still look in the windows and see all the neat old fashioned stuff inside.

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Since 1926, the Sinclair gas station had been part of the Hayden landscape and had served as a stopping off point for not only local citizens, but also those many who traveled US Hwy. 50. The Hayden Historical Museum was fortunate to get the chance to obtain this structure in 2001.

Through the generosity of many, we were able to have the building moved and then restored to reflect an era of our past. While some of the landmarks we associate with out youth are now gone, here is one that was saved and will stand for many years to come. We have tried our best to give it the feeling of stepping back in time… a time when things went at a slower pace. We have the old Coca Cola cooler filled with iced down (glass) bottles of pop and some old fashion snacks available.

You can learn more about the gas station at the Hayden Historical Museum website.

Base Road Bridge – Jennings County, Indiana

Base Road Bridge

Base Road Bridge, located along US50 between North Vernon and Hayden, is an old wooden bridge that runs over the CSX Railroad. It was built in the 1920s and rehabilitated in the 1970s, but due to the building of a North Vernon bypass the bridge is soon going to be torn down.

The bridge is located on the old US50 route, that once ran through the middle of Hayden. I’ve heard of out-of-towners being wary of this bridge, but anyone from around here just goes right on without another thought!

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For more about this bridge, check out the Bridge Hunter website.

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